In my work/company CORA VONK memorable moments I’d like to help people to create beautiful moments with valuable content for the special moments in their lives like their marriage, a jubilee, a special birthday or a goodbye/loss.
Moments in which it is very important to make it personal and to the point.Since 2000 I’m working as a self-employed registrar and I’ve noticed that I’m capable of creating an atmosphere so personal that it fits the people involved like a glove. In order to make special worthwhile memories of that special and unique moment in their lives.

Over the years that I’ve been working as a goldsmith/designer (I obtained my mastersign in 1982) I know I can make any design people want. Therefor I can make thát special piece of jewelry that contains all the precious memories.

By talking a lot and asking questions, together we’ll get a clear image of what is to be memorised and how this special moment or this special piece of jewellery should look. Above all we can dwell on what makes this moment so special.


Getting married, a huge step in life.
A commitment like a marriage isn’t something you do just like that. How can you shape such an important event in your life so it truly fits the two of you and the feelings you have for each other? Especially by telling your own story (or have somebody else tell it) because that’s what it’s all about. It definitely can’t do without this personal touch.
Through my commitment and love for people I know I can help you do this. By listening and translating your words to the appropriate form.

Ask yourselves the questions how you want to celebrate this moment? Which place is the best for your ceremony? Who would you like to be present? What would make your weddingday a super special day? There are so many options. Think about what suits you and together we can talk about possibilities and solutions. Start your imagination now!
I’d love to help you on this journey.


In everybody’s life there are moments you’d like to keep close to your heart; memorable moments.
It starts already with your birth. Although at that time you weren’t really aware of it, but still every year you do celebrate this day. And can you still remember the first day you went to kindergarten? Or highschool, or the moment you graduated? First job? Did you celebrate those moments?

As you get older you realise more and more how impressive those memorable moments are.

You know a lot of them only happen once in a lifetime. And maybe that’s the reason why it’s worth to really celebrate them. Don’t let them just pass, they’re worth mentioning. I’d like to help you to that. To make sure the story is correct so you can live through all the emotions involved in order to look back on this day with a warm heart and very good feelings. Because you’ve experienced it just as you wanted to.


A goodbye is often not planned. As long as we’re healthy we don’t even want to think about it. Still it’s good to do so.
Because the moment somebody dear passes away, especially when it’s quite suddenly, so many things need attention. In a short period of time a lot of practical things need to be sorted. There’s hardly any time…. Yet everybody wants it to be the perfect, fitting and warm goodbye, so it does justice to the one you have to let go. I’d love to be of service.

Go back in your memory, look in photobooks tell each other the most precious things you can remember. Relive this life one more time by talking, by crying and even sometimes by laughing together. These emotions are all so close to each other. If I can be there and listen to your stories and memories I could help you shape this goodbye. In order to make it a memorable moment where the relatives will look back upon with a glowing heart.


Since 1982, after finishing my studies to become a goldsmith/jeweller and obtaining my master sign I’ve been working as a self-employed goldsmith. Over the years I’ve designed and made a lot of jewellery like weddingrings, promotionals, jewellery for special occasions as well as mourning jewellery. These works always develop in close contact with my clients.

Everything I make is unique. It’s designed from their stories, their ideas or drawings. Jewellery that holds the special memories. Think about what you’d like, there are so many possibilities. I’d like to be able to advice you how to make this special wearable piece of art. So you can keep the memory close.

Cherish your memorable moments.